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Top Freelancing Jobs in Web Design

The last decade’s internet boom has brought many advantages. Almost everything you can think of can now be done online: shopping, networking, communicating and work.

Convert Your Product Landing Page From PSD to HTML

In this article you will learn how to convert Your Product Landing Page from PSD to HTML in a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Presenting the New Features of WordPress 3.1

Folks at WordPress have just released WordPress 3.1 (Code name “Reinhardt”), 14th version of World’s most famous and award-winning publishing software

What Everyone Should Know about Initial Client Meeting

In the glorious field of web design there are far too many prices, skillsets, levels of professionalism, and difference in deliverables for any client to really understand them all or even comprehend where to start.

Art Direction Trend Coming To 1WD: Foundations And History

Art Direction is here. The art of creating kick-ass blog posts with great content and super awesome unique designs.

Great Ideas to Having a Positive Outcome to Your Website

A business owner loves to put up a website. In fact, this is the way to reach millions of people in the market to buy your products and services. But the problem you might encounter once you have the website is how people or online visitors will discover it.

5 Awesome Photoshop Tools For All Photographers

Photography is a technical and practiced form of art. It’s not an easy form of fascination, since several aspects are at play in a photograph: lighting, focus, composition, subject and more.

Make Effective Networking Part Of Your Freelance Job

being a freelancer is no regular job to do. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful in this field.

Guide to Choosing Color Combinations

Every graphic designer knows that choosing the color combinations is among the most important parts of the design making process, on print or on the web. There is no universal color combination that will please all types of clients.

Can Free Design Resources Be sample?

As designs we’re always after some good resources for inspiration and even for design elements to help us when we have a mental block.